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Video Poker and the Rudiments of the Game
April 19, 2021 Comments..0

It is hard to imagine that the Video Poker History actually starts its trail form in the 70’s but that form of play was nothing compared to the software that is available today. As modern technology is now becoming more and more synonymous with the world’s population there, has been a significant rise in the number of players and rapid development of displays and amazing central processors the game became an instant hit with the general masses. With this, the gambling world came to know of a breakthrough invention known as the slot machine HL8 INDO.

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This trend quickly came to the notice of IGT (a renowned gaming company) that began developing gambling and video poker software for various casinos and gambling establishments. By that time, gambling without a dealer had become quite popular among the people and by the 80’s there the gaming industry had introduced the option of multi-hand in the gaming layout. Video poker has now taken over regular poker, and the aforementioned information gave you a very brief insight into the history of Video Poker and as for the rudiments of the game, we shall discuss them right now.

As mentioned earlier, video poker is similar to regular poker and is played using a deck of 52 cards but is played on a slot machine in the absence of a dealer or other players. In order to win the game, the player must make the best combination using only five cards that he is dealt electronically. The game is divided into five stages; in the first stage, the players choose the amount he wishes to bid, the second stage he is dealt those, in the third stage he chooses the combination that he wants to make and chooses the cards that he wishes to discard, after that the selected cards are then replaced and if the player wins he is given the option of playing the bonus game.

If the player wins the hand in the bonus game, that means he has successfully doubled his money. As for the bonus game, the player is dealt five cards with one card up and the other four down. After that, he must use his intuition to choose the right card that should be higher than the card that is open and he wins. However, in case the player is unable to choose a card that is higher in ranking he loses all his winnings. Like regular poker, the entire game is based on sheer luck and the sophisticated software actually enables the player to keep track of wins and losses.

The game is devoid of any bluff and gives the player a sense of security that it is completely based on his or her luck, and the strongest hand will win. The game follows the same pattern and same combinations are deemed higher as in regular poker. Casinos all over the world have different versions of the game and the prize may vary accordingly, but, its popularity is growing nonetheless and continues to escalate as newer versions keep on sprouting in casinos and gambling establishments all over the world.

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