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Simple Storage Solutions
March 29, 2021 Comments..0

No matter how many square feet we happen to have, the problem of how to store belongings in an aesthetically pleasing way seems to be universal. Perhaps it is because human nature tends toward hording and acquiring, or maybe we just feel more comfortable with Stuff. There are simple solutions to the storage dilemmas in our homes.

Sort, Share, & Scrap

This step involves sorting through your belongings, giving those unneeded but still usable items to friends or charity, and throwing away any trash or broken items. If you happen to have read some of my other articles on living in a small space, you may think that this is a familiar piece of advice. I can’t reiterate enough how vital it is to go through your belongings and purge. Most likely you will find that you were holding on to items that you no longer need, use or want. It certainly is much easier to organize and store a pared down collection. Sometimes the hardest part of sorting is getting started. It can be overwhelming to look at the whole job at once. Instead start with one room or even 倉庫推薦 one section of one room first. You may find that as you get going it will become much easier. For instance, if you are tackling a kitchen, start with one cabinet at a time. It will give you mini goals that can be quickly accomplished motivating you even more.

Here are a few of my favorite furniture storage solutions:

The Bookcase

The bookcase is one of the most versatile and inexpensive furniture solutions out there. It is relatively shallow and takes up vertical space. I love to use it in a bedroom as extra clothing and linen storage. Clothing and linen can be neatly folded and stacked directly onto shelves, or baskets and bins can be used for a more uniform look. Items such as purses, belts, scarves, and other accessories usually fit well into those spots.

The bookcase can be equally at home in a kitchen, providing storage for dishes, pots, and appliances. And again, with the addition of baskets or bins, unsightly items can be hidden away such as food and utensils. The bookcase may be an obvious choice for living rooms and offices, but consider storing more than just books on them. Boxes with office supplies, CDs, DVDs, or other electronic equipment easily fit on the shelves and keep everything perfectly in order.

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