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Primal Instinct Of Business Management – Part III
June 23, 2021 Comments..0


A skilled professional will find a way to get all of the free flow of relevant information out into the open, It’s the principle of the “Shared Pool of Meaning”. This is the synergistic pool of ideas and feelings of the entire group

Getting ideas into the “pool” have 3 major benefits:

1. The larger the Pool, the better the decisions.

2. The time you spend up front is more than made up by faster, more committed action later on. An extra 20 minutes spent drawing thoughts out of reluctant individuals might save hundreds of hours over the next few years.

3. People who don’t get their ideas into the pool are rarely committed to the solution & silently criticize the decisions. People that have at least a small part of the decision will work harder Px7 primal flow to make it succeed.

Let’s think of this with a planned board meeting. Whoever makes the decision will benefit by having the most information available. We aren’t saying we want a consensus opinion, or that the president doesn’t make the final decision. As a matter of fact, a good idea is to state up front that there will be 2 phases to the conversation. First, a Discussion or Dialogue phase where all of the ideas are added to the pool of meaning. Second, after all ideas are shared, discussion is shut off and the Decision phase begins with decisions made by whoever is in charge.

Using these skills will make you a better communicator and leader in the Multi-Housing community. It will give you insights into others that you never would have received any other way. It will help you to listen and respect others in ways that 99% of the rest of the population never truly understands.

This article written by Steve Hoogenakker Steve has 20 years in the landscaping field.

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