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Panic Attack Medication – Learn the Facts – Why CBT Treatment is More Effective
June 28, 2021 Comments..0

While a lot of people who suffer from serious panic attacks or anxiety attacks are initially prescribed medications to ease their troubles, the goal of every therapist is to let their patients deal with their attacks without the drugs. This is only possible with cognitive-behavioral treatment or CBT. Unlike panic attack medications which help the patient avoid with his/her panic attacks and fear triggers, CBT helps the patient become the master of his/her anxiety.

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Traditional psychotherapy vs. CBT

Traditional psychotherapy approaches the patient’s issues by uncovering the past. CBT, on the other hand, lets the patient deal with the problem in the present tense. While the two could work hand-in-hand, CBT is considerably a more proactive approach of dealing with the psychological issue. This is also largely because anxiety come out of nowhere, and they can be related or not to a traumatic past experience Email Extractor Software.

CBT approaches panic attacks in two ways: by identifying the thought that triggers the panic attack (cognitive approach) and by making the patient immune from the panic triggers (behavioral). They’re called panic attacks primarily because the thoughts that trigger them propose danger that is actually unreal. For example, some people have anxiety attacks over public speaking. While it’s unpleasant to stand in front of so many strange faces at the same time, it shouldn’t seem like a great danger worthy of racing heartbeats or shortness of breath.

Therapists usually work on the patient’s unrealistic fear by telling them how irrational their thoughts are. Take note, though, that this condition isn’t cured immediately. Patients usually take an average of 8 sessions before they can manage their anxiety on their own. There are many CBT approaches to panic attacks, and your therapist will have his/her own suggested “exercises” or home works for you.

Most of the time, sufferers of recurring panic attacks are asked to write down the sensation they feel during a panic attack, and to separate this from the thought that triggered the sensation. This helps them to later on identify the real, rational cause of the panic attack. In time, they’ll be able to do this in their minds, and they’ll be able to put a leash on their own anxieties.


While your mind frame plays a big role in how you deal with your symptoms, your body’s physiological state is also partly responsible. Studies show that most panic attacks are caused by too much caffeine and sugar in your body. When you’re already suffering from panic attacks, you should start substituting chamomile tea for coffee. Regular cardiovascular also helps most sufferers from dealing with their attacks. Aside from letting them get used to the sensation of racing heartbeats, regular exercise also releases serotonin in your brain. When your brain chemicals are stable, you’re least likely to suffer from unwanted anxiety symptoms.

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