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New Vitality Review
November 14, 2020 Comments..0

At 45 my doctor told me I had an advanced case of prostate enlargement. This, as I’m sure most of you can imagine, was not the sort of news a man with a wife and 3 kids wanted to hear. The news floored me, hard. I couldn’t believe I was one of those guys that I had seen hundreds of times on various TV commercials late at night.

He told me I had two options: Immediate surgery, or I could change my diet and get more exercise — then see him in 6 months for another exam. Quite a dilemma, but I had a little time before considering surgery. I looked around at online forums to see what others who were stricken with my problem had to say. A moderator on a prostate forum told me that doctors aren’t allowed to tell you about holistic methods such as New Vitality prostate supplements. He proceeded to tell me companies like New Vitality have studied prostate problems and found that there are a few cultures in the world who don’t suffer from enlarged prostates at all.

Some of us are genetically predisposed to this illness, however our diet — or lack thereof, is a common denominator in causing the problem. New Vitality has ingredients like Saw Palmetto which contains Beta-Sitosterol, which is included in many prescription prostate Vitalflow treatments. I was also warned that urinary tract infections are also an unpleasant issue that can arise with an enlarged prostate and that New Vitality included plant sterols, vitamin D, vanadium, germanium, etc. — all which will help prevent infection and reduce inflammation.

I started to feel a little less hopeless knowing there was perhaps a more natural, holistic approach to surgery. After asking around, I heard that I had a 50/50 chance of success, but that on average, I likely wouldn’t be able to schedule a surgery for months anyhow. So I decided to order some New Vitality and start using it while I waited for my next prostate exam.

Finding out about all of my options was a little bitter-sweet. Many doctors won’t advise holistic methods when your diagnosed, but so many of them will advise using products like New Vitality the same as they would recommend a good multivitamin for preventative health supplements. If I had only thought ahead, like so many of the late night television commercials had suggested; I might not be in my current predicament. Looking down the list of ingredients in the New Vitality prostate formula reads just like the back of a bottle of Centrum, or any other popular multivitamin, except that it has things a healthy prostate needs.

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