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Modular Displays – Customize Your Display to Create a Distinct Identity
December 3, 2020 Comments..0

Modular displays are compact, lightweight and fully functional flexible display solutions for trade show booths and exhibits. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility and ease of use. Most of these display units are easy to manage and handle, and do not require any specialist team to set them up. Since these displays can be used in a number of ways, they are multipurpose and are a good investment if you participate in trade shows very often.

Modular displays are popular because of their customizability, which allows exhibitors to create distinctive booth styles using these displays. The uniqueness of the display can be a great crowd puller and exhibitors want to cash in on this effect. In fact, with modular displays you can change the look of your display in different exhibitions stands reutilizables at a minimal extra cost. This makes them more cost effective than elaborate fixed displays, which once created can not be changed in look and feel.

When you go for a display unit, you can opt for magnets to be placed inside the panels or get slide out frames to easily change display fabrics. This way you don’t have to get the visuals printed on the display itself, which again lowers the cost and gives you more flexibility.

Modular displays come in all types of sizes. Some of these units are so big that you can virtually create a small enclosed conference room with them. These display units can extend up to a height of 7 feet or sometimes even more. You can choose from a wide variety of these units available in the market. You can even get a display unit custom designed for your need. A modular display unit can include anywhere from 3 – 10 display panels.

The advantage of a display system over a traditional display is that you can remove panels that you don’t require or add additional panels and accessories. Most of the units are designed such that they can be easily packed and stored. This is what makes these units extremely portable. Lightweight modular displays are very popular these days as they provide you with a lot of flexibility of usage.

Installation and dismantling of these units is also easy. The modules are designed in a fashion that they can be fitted with each other with minimal screwing. This makes their take down after the event convenient. In addition, the different sections can be fitted together in a number of different ways to create a different looking display each time.

You can even add sections to an existing modular display – this allows you the flexibility to extend them if required. Different sections can also be used to create multiple display units within the same booth itself. The amount of flexibility offered by these kinds of displays is unparalleled by any other type. And it is because of this reason that modular displays are so popular at trade exhibits all over the world.

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