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Hunting and Fishing Season
December 15, 2020 Comments..0

There are two seasons for sportsmen and sportswomen in Pennsylvania, hunting and fishing season. It’s no wonder that the PA fish and game seasons are so popular with hundreds of fresh water lakes to fish and rolling mountains in which to hunt, Pennsylvania is a sportsman’s paradise. Small game season in Pennsylvania starts in mid October with rabbit, red, black and grey squirrels being in season, as well as fox. The season runs till the end of November. It ends just before deer season and resumes on December 15 through December 23. You can also hunt small game from December 26 though February 7.

Although many die hard hunters will go out for small game, most hunters move into the woods on the weekend after Thanksgiving. Beginning that Monday white tailed deer are in season. Antlered and non-antlered white tails can be hunted from December 1 through December 13. A license for deer is $20 for a resident hunter and $101.00 for a no-resident hunter. How about something a little bigger? Black Bear season starts the week before deer season and only last three days. November 24 through 26. All black bears are legal no matter what the size or age. And if a Black Bear isn’t enough challenge, how about an Elk? Pennsylvania has a designated Elk season and awards license by lottery. Elk season is the first week of November. Most of the Elk can be found in the northern counties of Elk, Forest and Clearfield Counties. Licensing fees for Elk for resident hunters is $25.00 and non-resident is $250.00

In addition to the big game animals, there are also some that have no season but can be hunted all year. Those animals are coyotes, raccoons and foxes. The second part of the PA Fish and Game season is of course fishing. Whether you like wading in the stream เกมยิงปลาออนไลน์ on the first day of trout season or sitting on the lake during the early morning, waiting for the bass to jump, Pennsylvania is your place for fish. The second Saturday of April is the start of trout season. You’ll have to get to your favorite spot before the sun comes up just to get a parking space because it will be busy. Fishing on that first day can be rewarding, but can also be frustrating because of the number of people that you’ll be sharing the stream with.

A little more relaxing is the first day of Bass season. Of course you can fish for bass along the many mountain streams you’ll find in Pennsylvania, but you’ll find the big ones in one of the fresh water lakes that dot the countryside. Some of the more popular lakes sit in the center of the state. Raystown Lake in Huntingdon County is known for Striped Bass and holds many tournaments throughout the season. Bass season starts the second Saturday in June. Licensing fees for fishing is $22.70 for a resident and $52.70 for a non-resident. If you’re just visiting, you can get a seven day tourist license for $34.70. No matter what your sport, the PA Fish and Game seasons are for you.

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