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How to Manage Diabetes Symptoms in Catch-22 Situations Harmlessly
February 1, 2021 Comments..0

Managing your diabetes symptoms can be hilarious, especially in hindsight. But you only get to see how funny the catch-22 situations are after you have re-taken control at little or no cost. I hope you won’t laugh too hard as I share my experience.

If you know what it feels like to be hungry while at the same time having to be very concerned about what your glucose meter will say to you 2, 3, and even 4 hours after you have eaten, then you most likely have diabetes. The thought came forcefully to me as I was preparing an orange for digestion. It was less than 2 years ago that I could not eat a whole orange and not have a spike in blood sugar level.

So it’s a juggling act. You’re hungry, but if you eat, your cells don’t even know – they will still be hungry because glucose the cannot get to them. And you are afraid of what your glucose meter will say as well. It’s always telling you those huge numbers, which, if they were tendered at the bank, you’d be very rich.

Craving for fluid and losing it instantly

Imagine that it’s 2:00 A.M. and you really want to sleep, but you have to go to the bathroom to flush more urea down the drain. This is the 3rd trip you are making since you tried to get the elusive “good night’s sleep” you’ve been chasing since your head first hit the pillow less than 3 hours ago.

It’s frustrating, because you know it’s not your Reversirol mate’s snoring that is keeping you awake. But at least you do have some nerve fibers that are still working – they got you up just in time to make the 5-yard dash to the receptacle. And hurry you must. You don’t want to leave a slippery trail of incontinence along the way to the toilet.

Interesting symptoms and interesting nights

Now, usually when this ‘after-midnight’ trauma happens it stems from my “reaction” to the ordeal experienced the night before. You see, diabetes symptoms seem to come in pairs – there is lack of metabolic balance. If you are not awakened by the strong urge to urinate, then it will be by the experience of seemingly unquenchable thirst. I know. It happened to me before I got my glucose under control. One night I was plagued by such thirst, the next night I tried to prevent it’s re-occurrence by drinking enough water before going to bed, only to be haunted by frequent urination. It’s catch-22 drama.

For quite a few months, I happened to learn firsthand that diabetics can have some really interesting nights. Apart from the insomnia that haunts us for various reasons such as frequent urination and severe thirst, the forced wakefulness can play other dirty games as well.

Oh, don’t even think about making intimacy with the nocturnal time-outs forced upon you by your sweet blood. All the books I have read say those diabetic moments of intimacy are very, very fleeting at best. And I suppose if you are left diabetically frustrated and your spouse non-diabetically unfulfilled even your days could become as dark as nights after a while. Such are the symptoms of diabetes, catch-22 style.

Removing the signs of diabetes safely

Today, there still is no single health supplement or diabetes supplement, used by itself, that will allow one to control the catch-22 diabetes symptoms or lower blood sugar levels nor is there any synthetic drug that cures the disease. However, regardless of how you take back control of your life, the important thing is to have normal blood glucose levels. When you can eat an orange and not have a spike in bgl while not on medication or insulin, then that is control without side effects.

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