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How to Get Your Partner’s Ring Size Without Asking Her!
April 21, 2021 Comments..0

OK, so you have finally decided that she is the one for you! You have come up with your ingenious and original way of how you are going to “pop the question”; a beach in some exotic location? A romantic candle lit dinner? Taking her back to the first place you met? All great ideas, but now you have the fundamental problem, the one thing that 99.9% of all us guys do not know, what is her ring size??? Something that you need to know before presenting her with her engagement ring cách đo size nhẫn!

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How better to ruin that special moment, trying to push the ring on her finger only to find its three sizes too big, or god forbid, it be to small and you break a nail with your attempt to get it on!!?? Well fear not, as within this article you are going to be given a fools guide, as let’s be honest that is what we all need, to finding out your partners ring size without her knowing. The tips and techniques that you find below have most probably came from hours of panic and confusion from people in the very situation which you find yourself now, so although some better than others, each idea is worth careful consideration.

Ask Her Closest Friend

I think that the one thing that probably came to mind almost instantly the moment that you thought about this was to ask one of her close friends. A good idea, as it is highly likely that they are going to know her ring size, but this does not come without risks. If you are intent on keeping this a surprise, are you 100% confident that this friend is not going “spill the beans” and ruin it? If you are going down this route you need to be sure that firstly, this friend can be trusted not to tell your bride to be your intentions, and also, that she is not going to start a game of Chinese whispers, telling every possible person but your partner; as this runs the risk of it getting back to her via other means. That said, if you are sure that you can trust one of her friends not to spoil the surprise, this is a sure way to get her ring size. Be sure to ask for the ring size of the correct finger, you could even take the friend with you whilst choosing the Engagement Ring!

Stealing/Borrowing One Of Her Rings

One of the favoured methods of finding out her ring size without telling or asking anyone anything, is to take one of her rings to the jewellers with you. So it is time to bring alive your James Bond 007 skills and think of a way that you are going to be able to get a ring, from the relevant finger, without her knowing! Now there are many methods that you could try with this, but this option is only available to you if you are sure that your girlfriend is not going to instantly know that the ring is missing! For some people this is going to be a lot easier than it is for others. If you intend on “borrowing” a ring from her jewellery box or dressing table, stealth and speed is everything! If possible try and only have the ring away from its’ usual place for a couple of hours, a day at the most. If the unthinkable does happen and your partner realises that the ring is missing, it may be a good idea to drop the ring on the floor somewhere around its usual home, this should make your partner believe that it has been knocked on the floor by accident; something which you will probably get the blame for anyway, but at least your plan goes undetected!

It is also extremely important that you get a ring that she wears frequently; this is not going to work if you take a ring that she hasn’t worn since her school prom, or since she was a bridesmaid at her great aunts wedding in 1984! Taking one of her current rings with you is usually a fool proof method of getting a completely accurate ring size, ensuring that the Engagement Ring fits perfectly!

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