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“Hot Formula” For Writing on Cold Glass and Oily Metal
January 31, 2021 Comments..0

Auto auction sites have very specific needs when it comes to writing on windshields of the cars. In some climates where temperatures drop to below zero sites must write on frosted glass, especially in the morning. Conventional markers do a poor job of adhering to the cold glass through the frost in some cases forcing the steel bite pro users to phonically scrap the windshield prior to writing.   Other sites, must write on wet surfaces and valve action paint markers will wash off prior to drying. New technology in valve actuated paint markers offers formulas that perform well down to 40 degree below zero and bite through the frost to adhere to the glass. 

One such marker is the Auction Pro. In addition to writing through frost onto glass, the marker uses a reversible fiber tip-bullet on one side and chisel on the other-to give users a variety of writing widths to choose from. Another problem faced by auction sites is writing on wet surfaces, sometimes even during the rain. A new type of solid paint marker developed by Sakura solves the problem by using a wet formula that is capable of writing on wet surfaces and will cure within one hour.

The markers are available in 11 colors and come in a retractable dispenser to for carrying around in the pocket. Other professions that need these technologies include tow truck operators, police agencies writing on impounded cars,  structural steel facilities and erectors writing outdoors.  While the marks left by both markers is UV resistant, both can be removed with razor blades and will not leave a residue on the window.

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