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Holdem Hustler Review – Foolproof Winning Poker System?
December 12, 2020 Comments..0

Online poker tournaments have become more and more popular, especially Texas Holdem games. As a result, many websites have also sprung up, claiming to be selling a poker guide that will help you make money effortlessly. As a passionate poker player, I can tell you that it is not easy at all to make money with poker games. Anyone can enter the holdem tournaments, but without the right knowledge and information, new players will usually pour their cash away to the smart and professional players in the poker rooms.

Amongst the dozens of poker guides I’ve read, one of them is called the Holdem Hustler Survival Kit. In this article, I will review the this guide, and tell you what you can roughly expect to find in it.

Holdem Hustler Survival Kit Contents

The Holdem Hustler is a relatively simple to understand poker ebook I’ve read, as compared to other poker guides. It is divided into 9 short strategy e-books and 1 CD, and goes straight to the point instead of giving too much introduction. Many strategies contained in this guide are very unique, which I’m sure you would have never heard of before. It aims to help you make money slowly and safely, instead of taking bigger risks to win more money. You’ll even get to learn to be a part-time marketer as the Holdem Hustler contains tips and strategies to build 홀덤사이트 a profitable poker website and become a wealthy poker affiliate.

The unique and relaxing music included helps you to relax your mind while playing poker. These are the exact same tracks that professional poker players use to keep themselves calm.

Holdem Hustler Survival Kit Bonuses

The bonuses included are of good value, and compliment the main guide very well. You’ll get to learn how to play each starting hand systematically with the ‘instant starting hand strategy guide’. There is also a simple blackjack system to improve your casino skills, but there’s not a whole lot there. Finally, the Holdem Hustler system contains a clearly written spreadsheet to help you make decisions with less discretion required on your part.

My Experience

The Holdem Hustler Kit has helped me play poker more profitably, earning me consistent profits instead of more erratic ones. My friends have commented that my playing style is much less predictable now. I’ve also learnt to spring many surprises on my opponents who think that they have figured out what type of player and I am, before I suddenly loosen up to take all their chips!

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