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Grace Harrington – Death is a Small Step
July 10, 2021 Comments..0

When I first heard about the tv screen series Grace Harrington, I thought so it was one of the finest looking tv shows I had ever seen. Grace is played by Julia Roberts and the show revolves around her life after her mother dies. She has been raised in Texas but, as a result of her mother’s untimely death, she moves to New York City and meets her new boyfriend. The 2 of these start dating and things become exciting for the 2 of them. However, things do not go quite as planned and they split up after some time.

Grace has written an appealing book that lots of people will see interesting. This book is written from the perspective of a real New York girl who knows how much life is priced within our dollars. The author tells her story in small chapters which are simple to follow. The writing style is clear and the story is exciting

The author tells many interesting things about her upbringing and her amount of time in New York City. There are many facts that aren’t known concerning the real life with this woman. This makes the book interesting to learn and adds many areas of the human experience to the story. It could be read as a romance or a puzzle and many readers will relish both.

The book was launched in 2021 and was popular right away. The next novel in the series, Dead Man’s Rule was launched in 2021. There are many individuals who read the initial novel and enjoy reading the second. The book has a good premise and is written in a mild and fun way.

There are many individuals who like to learn books where the main character falls deeply in love with another person. This book had that form of feel to it but the writer made it clear so it was designed to become more than that. The writer also added many other things that put into the character’s development. This was one of many reasons that I decided to learn the series.

Grace Holly has a new job and moves to Florida. She meets Joella and they fall in love. Joella is in college and needs money to cover school. Grace decides to help her get an education although she’s worried that Joella may not manage to handle it. Grace realizes that Joella does not have the support she needs to continue her education and needs someone who will stand by her side.

The book ends with Grace committing suicide by hanging herself in the shower. Grace tells Joella that there is something different that she’s to get and she will try and save her life. The book ends with an angle of fate that surprises everyone and leads the reader to find out more about Joella and Grace. This book has lots of twists and turns and is very emotional at times.

I believe this is a fantastic book that lots of people will enjoy. It was interesting reading and I believe lots of people will relate genuinely to some of the things Grace says throughout the story. I also liked how she held back and kept her secret from Joella and Grace. There were also a couple of odd situations in the book that really caught me off guard but I possibly could have cared less because they were in the flow of the story. I would recommend this to whoever has an open mind and has the capacity to read an excellent story.

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