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Fun and Funky Ideas for Your Backsplash
April 14, 2021 Comments..0

When we undergo a kitchen remodel, we want our new kitchens to reflect some of our personality while still appearing flawless and classic. One great way to incorporate your personality into your kitchen is by opting for a fun or funky backsplash. Backsplashes can be made from nearly any hard material, and they can be a quick and inexpensive project to take on if you should ever want to change them. To make them extra fun, try mixing mediums for an eclectic look!

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Glass & Recycled Glass

Glass tiles are all the rage in the building world today, and they are especially popular for backsplashes where they are less likely to suffer from extreme wear and tear. They come in various colors and can even be mirrored to visually open up your kitchen. If tile is too “square” for you, there are recycled glass options which use the organic shapes of broken glass to create mosaic effects. Manufacturers sand down the glass’s rough edges to make it safe for you and your family to enjoy.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal usually comes in stainless steel, copper, and tin options. You can either go ultra-modern with these and have a single sheet molded to your backsplash, go semi-retro with stamped tiles, or classic with a modern twist by using plain metal tiles.

Ceramic Tile

Backsplash options are limitless when it comes to ceramic tile. Tiles come in all shapes and sizes, with and without pattern, and can be patterned to suit any cabinet layout you may have. Take your kitchen to the French countryside with a backsplash featuring painted rooster accent tiles. Go mid-century modern with white subway tiles and checkerboard detailing. Create a modern mosaic, or go classic with matched and symmetrical tiles. The option is yours!

Remember Your Countertop

When planning your backsplash upgrade, it’s important to take your countertop’s aesthetics into account. If you already have a countertop installed which will survive your remodel, be sure to pick a design that will complement your counter. If you will be picking a new countertop as well, be sure to purchase your countertop from a qualified manufacturer and installer. Most countertop fabricators have a wide selection of materials to chose from, with granite and quartz being particularly popular options. Both offer the durability you would expect from your kitchen counter! To make the most of your countertop purchase, be sure to have a qualified installation team, preferably from your countertop fabricator, install your new counters. They can guarantee professionalism and may offer an extended warranty on their work, an offer you can’t typically get from discount installers.

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