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Evaluating Home Solar Provider
January 12, 2021 Comments..0

Today Solar Provider has partnered with Syncarpha Capital to help bring two MW of solar generated power to Minnesota. This new project is expected to become a significant partner in the growth of solar powered generator applications in rural and remote communities throughout Minnesota. The project is part of the Solar Energy Trust, which is a state-funded initiative that provides money to developers of new clean energy technologies for use in underserved communities. The project is designed to not only generate renewable energy from sustainable sources, but also to create jobs and revenue for the state of Minnesota.

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Solar Provider has developed an innovative methodology that leverages existing and new building technology as well as the sun’s energy storage to create cost effective, long term energy solutions. The Syncarphy Capital Group is an investment firm that has a combined history of building and operating commercial and residential energy storage and solar systems. The company has completed multiple installations of ground source heat pumps in over 30 states and is well-versed in both the technology and the permitting requirements for such projects. Syncarphy Capital is also exploring opportunities for capital raising for additional projects in the field of solar power and distributed generation long island solar panel provider. If approved, this project will be another great success story for this rapidly growing sector of the energy market.

In addition to the two proposed energy storage and solar power projects, this team is offering a nationwide network of sales and installation professionals dedicated to optimizing the design and implementation of these systems. In particular, the company plans to install over ten new facilities this year in states including Arizona, Iowa, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, New York, Pennsylvania, and Utah. The program currently includes seven active sales professionals and two sales trainers. Syncarphy Capital is leveraging its extensive network of over 500 sales and installation professionals who are skilled in a wide variety of systems and installation methods, including solar energy systems.

When evaluating potential solar providers, it is important to understand their overall approach and philosophy. For example, should the provider focus more on a modular system or a fully integrated solution? What types of incentives can they bring to the table? Are they involved in the procurement and installation of materials and equipment, or do they “buy in” to a system purchased via a supplier? What are their policies for pre-selling or leasing a system?

Once you understand the answers to these questions, it becomes much easier to evaluate which solar provider offers a tailored solution to your home solar system needs. For example, a full-scale residential installer might focus on a comprehensive modular installation. On the other hand, a smaller company might offer more customization or the option to purchase a system from them, rather than through a supplier. It is also important to evaluate how many installations the potential provider performs in a typical year, as this is an indicator of their expertise and customer service levels.

As with any investment, be sure to carefully research all available options. Be sure to choose a provider that offers a full suite of services including installation, service and support for solar panels, as well as marketing and sales tools to maximize value. Lastly, consider hiring local solar installers who live in your area so that you are provided with the added benefit of personalized service. As with any investment, make sure you research all available options before making a final decision.

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