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Debt Consolidation Stories of Success
December 21, 2020 Comments..0

While there are good stories there are bad stories as well. This just happens to be an uplifting piece about some truly good stories that started out as shear nightmares for the individuals and families involved. These debt consolidation stories of success are just a sprinkling of the triumphs that have happened and are currently happening all across this great nation. One only has to look at the faces of a family that has just gone through the works of credit card revolving debt and see the expression of joy to realize just how much this action has meant and does mean to these family members each and every day.

Texas Longhorns

Take the family in Austin, Texas that was so overwhelmed with credit car debt that they were forced to move into a hotel since the consumer debt got so out of hand that they lost their home to a foreclosure. The Spann family has not one but two college graduates in their brood from the University of Texas so before you start thinking how someone could be so silly as to actually have to reside in a pay-by-the-week hotel hold judgment until we have finished please. It does happen and is happening not only in the Lone Star state of Texas but all across the nation. It could happen to you if you are not careful or unless you are lucky and happen Debt Consolidation Texas to have a great living situation with family or roommates.

Spann Family

To wrap that first Texas debt story up on a happy note the Spann family contacted and connected online with a debt consolidation company and we are pleased to report that they have moved out of the Diamond Inn and into a more affordable and spacious 3/2 with a nice yard for their children to play and grow within. That’s only the first of two stories we have for you today and the second one will really get your philanthropic juices flowing! This one has to do with an individual that worked all his life for the greater good in a church setting only to have his world turned upside down with a few credit card mistakes.


Teddy Fenderglass was a Finnish immigrant from the cold area of the mountains of this Nordic country. For years he worked in the Greek Orthodox Church and he thought that a relocation and immigration to the US would be a great way to minister to those devilish Americans. What he found out was that the devil wears plastic and before long he was in deep credit card debt with no way out, or so he thought. With a quick email to a debt consolidation firm online Teddy is now the deacon of his very own Finnish-American Church in Odessa, Texas. Miracles never end!

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