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Christmas Fancy Dress Elf Hats
June 26, 2021 Comments..0

When you think of an elf hat you probably automatically think of Christmas fancy dress. An Elf hat is however a great purchase and it can be used for so many different occasions. This type of hat really is very versatile and this article will explain why.

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With an elf hat you can be one of Santa’s helpers at Christmas, dress up as Peter Pan for Halloween, and even celebrate in true Alpine tradition during the Oktoberfest ELF Costumes. They don’t cost a lot of money either and you can find a wide range of them at any high street or online costume shop. They can come in a variety of styles and materials and if you are just looking for a basic cheap hat then a felt hat is probably the best choice.

You can get these in red, blue, yellow, and green and some of them even include fur trim. If you want a more luxurious hat then you can choose a velvet one. You can purchase these in green, red, and brown. They are fun novelty elf hats too and elves are often thought of as happy little people who enjoy making toys for all the children. For this style of elf hat why not choose a red and green hat. You can buy ones that have a jingle bell attached too. These hats are normally made from felt and are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

A perfect accompaniment to your elf hat is of course some elf ears and you can buy vinyl pointed ears that will fit snugly on top of your own ears. The elf hat that you choose will depend on your elf Christmas fancy dress costume and there are several different styles when it comes to elf costumes too. Elf costumes usually have a really big shirt with a scalloped or V shaped hem and these shirts can be used as an elf dress if you are looking for a more adult themed version.

Elf costumes are nearly always finished off with either trousers or brightly coloured tights. The shoes that are used for these costumes have curly toes and the hat is similar to Santa’s hat in shape but is floppier. The elf hat will always match the rest of your elf costume. Elf Christmas fancy dress costumes are usually green but you will find that some include red, yellow, or black too. Elf costumes are very popular for Christmas parties but they can be used for Halloween parties too. There are plenty of places that you can buy elf costumes but the best place has to be an online shop where you can buy them any time of the year. Don’t forget though, no elf costume is complete without a matching elf hat and you don’t have to use the hat just for your elf costume either.

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