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Career Mums – Managing Your Domestic Helper
May 4, 2021 Comments..0

Maids in Singapore have become a common sight. It is no longer a service that only the elite are able to enjoy. According to a recent statistics study, there are 150, 000 maids registered in Singapore. From keeping house to minding the children to looking after the elderly, maids do it all. However, how do you, ‘Career Mom’, ensure that your maid is doing her duties rather than minimal work when you’re not home? Is it luck to find that perfect maid? Or perhaps with proper management can a super maid be created out of any ordinary maid?

List it

Prior to welcoming your maid into your home, perhaps drawing up a list with your spouse might be a good idea. Your list could include the duties she is supposed to do, your expectations of her performance, house rules, etc. It is important to be as detailed as possible so that your maid doesn’t have trouble understanding what is expected of her. Keeping a copy and handing her another copy enables both, you and your maid, to use the list as a check list. Handing your maid the list on her first day ceases complications that may arise in the future such as confusion over duties, working hours, etc.

Your home, your rules

Your home has been opened up to a stranger in the idea of ‘housework aid’. That is probably the thought that hits you first when you see your maid for the first time living in your home. Indicate to your maid that privacy is of the utmost importance. Hence an action, such as inviting fellow maids when nobody is at home, is frowned upon.

Give her Space

As much as you value your privacy, your maid does hers. Try not to pry into her personal affairs such as letters, phone calls she makes on her mobile phone when her working hours are over, where she goes, etc. The children should also be taught to respect her privacy. However if your maid is showing signs of depression, anxiety, perhaps it is time to see what is wrong.


Respect is very important. Your maid may be working for you but that is no reason to deny her respect and treat her unfairly. Children echo their parents’ actions. Therefore, respecting your maid does not only ease the relationship between you and your maid but you are also setting a good example for the children. Respecting your maid and treated her fairly can even bring about better results in her work attitude. Miss Vimi, a tour guide, shares of her former maid. “We treated her like one of the family and she had no problems settling in and at times even went the extra mile to get things done for us”.

Respect her religion

Let her take the day off on her religious holiday, so she can visit her place of worship. Also, don’t force your maid to do something (like eat beef or pork), if it’s against her religious belief.


Communication between you and your maid is very important. You are the channel to the outer world for your maid, a foreigner in a new land. Being approachable allows your maid to trust and even confide in you. If you find something your maid is doing is against 女傭公司 your acceptance, tell her immediately. Keeping it inside will only make you feel unhappy and the problem may escalate and resolving it gets harder. If she has made a mistake, explain to her calmly. Raised voices can only cause hysteria and negative feelings.

Let her Rest
A well rested employee is more productive and better adjusted. Hence, you should ensure that your worker has sufficient rest, especially during the night and sufficient off days. A happy and well-treated worker will give you less trouble than one who is unhappy!

You don’t need to have good luck or keep your fingers (or toes) crossed to get a good maid. All you need to do is manage your maid properly and she will find it a delight to work for you. Getting along with your maid and being able to trust her will keep you at peace at work.

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