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A Newbie Hunter Guide
November 30, 2020 Comments..0

So you want to start a hunter, but aren’t sure about what exactly you should be doing? This newbie hunter guide will help you out some, then! We’ll discuss race choices, gear selection, and some of the basics of actually playing a low-level hunter!

First, lets talk racial abilities. Now, if you already have a race you like, feel free to just go with that, because racial abilities don’t mean too much in the scheme of things. But if you don’t particularly care and are just looking for the best edge you can get…well, it still doesn’t matter much, for PvP. Every race has a useful but not overpowered advantage in PvP. For raiding, though, the best choices are Troll for Horde and Dwarf for Alliance. It isn’t a big advantage, but it’s there.

Next, let’s talk gear. Hunter gear at low levels is incredibly super-straightforward. Get hit capped and stack agility and attack power. As a basic rule of thumb, treat agility as worth a little more than two attack power. Intellect, Haste, and Crit are about 토토사이트 worth the same as attack power, but at low levels stacking them is difficult and often not worth it. Remember that your weapon’s DPS is more important than its stats, though. And Dwarves are slightly better with guns than other weapons.

Now it’s time for a short guide to playing the early levels of Hunter. It would be the work of several guides to describe more than that, so we’ll stick to the basics here.

For the first ten levels, you won’t have a pet, so it is important to take this opportunity to learn how to kite. Kiting is keeping the enemy out of range while killing them. Do this by either using the strafe keys to run sideways, or using the mouse to instantly turn and run directly away. The mouse is better as it gives you more control, but strafing is easier to get the hang of.

Stop occasionally to fire off an auto-attack shot; the timing for this will vary with your weapon-speed, so get a feel for when you can stop and get a shot off. Most of your special attacks can be used while running, so use them frequently! Generally you want to open with your sting so you get the full effect of it, then use Arcane Shot as is convenient. Don’t bother with Hunter’s Mark unless you see the enemy from a long ways off, as it is a bit of a time waster otherwise.

Once you get your pet, things become ridiculously easy. Make sure ‘Cower’ is turned off and ‘Growl’ is turned on, so your pet will tank for you. Then just start blasting away. Enemies will die without you ever having to move and without you losing any health. Hunter is quite honestly the single easiest class to level in the game for just this reason.

A few more things to note before we are done:

Spec how you like, but know that Beast Mastery is generally considered the best for leveling, as it is less gear-dependent and allows your pet to tank better. As far as pets go, just go with something you like. It isn’t going to matter much in general; all pets can tank well enough and damage well enough for leveling. Always keep a HUGE stock of arrows; running out really sucks!

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